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Sad news:

   At present, automatic recognition and translation subs are not available.

   I'll crack it as soon as possible.

Sorry for everyone.   

Now,You can Get subtitles from and convert them to a standard format (SubRip - SRT)

Even now, YouTube/Google Video "not embedded" subtitles (CC under their terms) can't be downloaded in a simple way. - Even if they can be somehow downloaded, they aren't usable in any video player ( software or home video player). - Because they are encoded in a Google's own format. But now, due to this site , you can do it !.

Why offer subtitle download! Is it needed?

Subtitles can be used in a lot of ways! You can watch the video in slow mode to learn English, if it is not your mother tongue. You can use video tutorials step by step instructions to learn technique while keeping note. if Subtitles supported by most video players. You can also save the doucment key value for all videos.Now you can watch your favorite subscribed videos by downloading them with subtitles!

Finally, We Hope you give constructive feedback for us. example:adding tanslate language function to the software.( we have already started working on it). ---above edit:Thanks for Abhi***** Sin**.

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